Monday, April 07, 2008

KLIM 2008

It's just another Sunday morning run for me in the recent KLIM which was held on 30 March. No specific goal! Just want to go out there and have fun!

It's also the event I made my debut in the Junior Veteran category. Gosh! I'm 40 years young now! I can't imagine I've been running for 27 years by now. No wonder I'm starting to look for new adventures and challenges - like cycling and duathlon!

Some people told me I should be excited to get the "upgrade" and enjoy the advantage of competing against the older runners. Alas the truth is the organiser also upgraded those 35 years to the same category. So number 40 became the mean of the age group!

Anyway I was the 31st person from my category to finish the 21.8km half marathon. I clocked a consistent time of 1:45:28. My wife got a Top 10 finishing. Here's her encounter I wish to share with you guys and gals!

I've lined up a few races for this year where I will be at its starting block:
27 April - Bidor Half Marathon (1st timer for the run. Nice medal to be collected)

18 May - NB 15km (sudden change of heart after seeing its cute medal)

25 May - RMAF Half Marathon (heard of its rich history. Coincide with my birthday- a must run!)

13 July - Century Ride 160km (it's going to be my virgin ride in an official event!)

29-31 August - PCC Interstate cycling Kajang-Bahau-Kuala Rompin-Kuantan (sooo excited to be part of this mini-LTdL. Probably the ride of my life.)

9 November - Powerman Run/Bike/Run (My event of the year! Also our wedding anniversary)