Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Frightening Car Park Encounter

To all runners and readers of this blog,

Be alert at all times when you are in any car park as there may be someone who will try to take away your vehicle and other belongings or even cause harm to you physically!

My wife has a close encounter this morning.

At approximately 6.20am, she reached the Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras. She parked the car in an open and well-lit car park near the children playground. There were some joggers around. She stepped out of the car and started to do her stretching near the car before her jog.

Suddenly, a lady jogger whom we know as Ah Yeng shouted to my wife to ask her to quickly come up to the playground. Luckily she did because right at the same time, one white van and one red car turned on their vehicle light and started to approach the two of them. Fortunately, they were saved by the knee-height pavement! According to my wife, there were many Indian guys inside the car and the van. Both vehicles were without their number plates. The drivers pedalled hard and the engines were screaming! They shouted some foul words. They even have the guts to show their face out of their winded window. Obviously they were very upset because their operation has failed. They were rallying around the car park in high speed before they left a few minutes later.

After recovering from the shock, Ah Yeng told my wife that it happened last Saturday morning too. Their strategy is to hit a car when the owner just parks his/her car in the parking lot. They will either demand for money, steal the car away or worst kidnap the owner as he/she comes out from their car to inspect the damage.

Again, please be extremely careful especially if you are alone in a car park, either you are preparing for a run, to work or to shop.


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Carboman said...

holy shit! theseaholes could be high on drugs or alcohol as well. with deepavali the next day, they could be out for a "fun" time. hope wm is fine and thanks for posting this alert.

PN26 said...

any action taken by the authorities?