Monday, January 09, 2006

2 More Weeks to GE PACM 30K Run

Yeah! Bring it on, baby!

I did my longest run of the year this morning - 25km and I felt quite good with my condition at the moment. That showed my 5-week of conditioning trainings have borne fruits.

I will add some speed work-outs in my next phase of training before tapering off for the 30km run.

Although it won't be one of my key events, I will aim for a 2:30 finishing. Any takers out there to pace together on that day?


Carboman said...

wah, looking good! klim pr perhaps?

DK said...

Looking good John... go get em! Any targets for this year's KLIM? How about WM?

John said...

Thanks buddies. I have a change of working environment starting this week which has totally affected my training programme. In fact, I have not been running this whole week except the Tue's holiday. Now, I'm worried how this will impact my performance. Sigh!

As for KLIM, WM & I will only go for 21km as a preparation of the Kuching marathon. Wish us luck!