Sunday, September 10, 2006

A PB In Putrajaya

Yes, I did it!

It was truly an amazing feat for me to clock a personal best time of 3:43:09 in such a grueling race in Putrajaya Marathon. I am surprise that I was able to beat my previous best of 3:49:48 which I did in 2002 in a much easier and cooler Penang Bridge Marathon.

I would like to dedicate this special moment to my beloved wife and also two of my best friends, Adam Loh and Kelvin Ng who encouraged me to go for a PB before the start of the race. It was as if they had this feeling that I was going to make it today.

As my initial target was just a sub-4, I started very easily and aim to reserve some energy for the hilly sessions later part of the race. I sticked to my pacing of 27 minutes for each 5km. Everything seemed to work out fine to me. At 32km, when I realised my body was still going strong and should be able to cope with additional stress, I increased my pace. As I knew a PB was within sight, it was now a matter of how fast I could go!

Alas, the last 2km was really a major challenge to me, both physically and mentally. The heat has taken its toll on me. The "climb" at the last slope near the finishing line was a killer. All of a sudden, the short distance seemed to be so long!

Luckily, I managed to hang on until the last 100m where I heard cheers generously coming from friends and supporters. Thank you guys and ladies!

For the record, here's my split time:
5km - 26'40"
10km - 26'54" >> 53'35"
15km - 27'00" >> 1:20'35"
20km - 24'50" >> 1:45'26"
21km - 6'53" >> 1:52'19"
25km - 18'47" >> 2:11'07"
30km - 27'02" >> 2:38'10"
35km - 27'53" >> 3:06'03"
40km - 25'42" >> 3:31'45"
41km - 4'59" >> 3:36'44"
42.195km - 6'24" >>> 3:43'09"

P/S luckily Powergel was provided at 30km. Otherwise, I would curse the Organizer as they prepared only one banana station. They failed to keep to their promise of providing fruits from 24km onwards!


Carboman said...

cinya keong hee lu! well done!

AdamLoh said...

Hi, John indeed a superb run and I must say you are just brilliant, I could have never done myself. Once again congratulation and very proud of your achievement. I am now so jealous about you. haahaha just kidding. Keep running and YOU ARE THE MAN.

My salute to you.

Penguin 2 said...

Congratulations !!!

Now, sub-4 for u in a marathon is not an issue anymore.

I saw the way u were running and I think you should be capable of doing 3.30 in a conducive environment such as Songkhla or Hatyai.

Keep it up man !!!

pipot said...


can i have ur legs?

i salute u

dunno wat to say oredi

see your timing oso my fingers shaking oredi .... POWER!!

good job

krunner said...

Fruit or no fruit, nothing was going to stop u from getting a marathon PR that day!

Raymond Hee said...

you running prowess is my running inspiration!Go for sub 3.30 man!

pm19 said...

John congratulatioms on your PR! Well done. Please give me tips on how to PR for marathon? Take care and hope to see on the roads one of these days.

Newton said...

congrats John!

Bejota said...

Best wishes
Bernardo José Mora