Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Raya & Birthday Run

Salam Aidilfitri to all the Muslim friends and runners.

We have had a pleasant run to Hartamas this morning. Weather was cool. Traffic was light due to the long Deepa-Raya holidays. The haze has also minimized....

I started running together with Adam at a very relaxed pace. We later caught up with Tey, CCube, Lisa, KNN and the birthday boy, Dr Jamie somewhere near the Mosque. We joined the group and ran with them all the way to the Hartamas Petronas station.

On the reverse, Lisa, Adam and I upped the tempo slightly but still running at a comfortable pace. Upon reaching the Mosque, we were surprised to see so many cars. Apparently, our Muslims friends were also up early for their morning prayers especially for today.We were careful at this stage, not wanting to be knocked down by any careless driver.

When we reached the main road of Jalan Duta, we had to slow down and practically stopped to hop over the divider which is as high as my waist level. (I wonder how is PACM to plan the coming 30km without the participants slowing down to do a hop over?)

With another 4km to go, I decided to be a pacer and increased the pace to a competitive level with the intention of helping Adam who is preparing for his 21km in Singapore. He responded and followed closely behind. As always, he did well....Good for him!

All in all, it was a good run as I came back satisfied knowing that I have done 5km more than my initial plan of 15km!

Once again, many happy returns of the day to Dr Jamie!

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Carboman said...

Kam siah shay2! It was certainly good to see you all again - it's been such a long time! Good luck and all der best in your preps and race!

Shall I dream of joining you for NYC one day?