Sunday, November 12, 2006

30km Practice Run

I am currently into the 3rd week of my training for the Chiang Mai Marathon. My training has been on track so far, thank God for the nice weather. The haze has gone and cool air has settled in due to the aftermath of the rain. Fortunately, the daily showers have not caused any major interruption to my training as it always stops by the time I go for a run.

Everything is shaping up nicely and I did my longest run since the Putrajaya Marathon this morning. I must say I did reasonably well in 2:31 in the 30km trial run organized by the PACM. Considering not much effort has been put for speedwork training, I'm pleased with this result.

Talking about this morning's practice run, I must thank Mr Tan Wah Sing, a bare-foot runner from Kuantan for running side-by-side with me for a good 18km. If not of him, I would have just ran lazily!


sofiantriathlete said...

How much to do MAUI

pm19 said...

John, congrats, that is ONE heck of a time for 30k!!! When will the Chiang Mai marathon be?

John said...

Hi Sofian,
I estimate around RM5k-RM6k per person.

Hi Justin,
Chiang Mai marathon will be held on 24 Dec 2006, it's xmas eve!

sofiantriathlete said...

Visited the MAUI Marathon web-site. Sooo beautiful

Tey said...


ChiangMai got earthquake last nite,5.1....pls read my blog when u free !!

Tey said...


keong hee woh..!! cinya salute lu !!

pls check this web for u chip time..should update soon !!