Sunday, July 15, 2007

StarWalk In Ipoh

Wai Mun and I took part in the StarWalk Ipoh this morning.

I must admit that I'm not good in walking, be it on leisure or competition! I hate the feeling esp. when my shin sometimes burns to its limit during those walks!

As Wai Mun is taking part in the Walk, I might as well join her...otherwise, the trip to Ipoh will be futile for me. Furthermore, I thought it would be a good idea for me to train the other muscles of my body at times.

The race flagged off punctually at 7am. Indeed, my fear came true when my shin gave way during my first 3km. However, after the 3km mark, I guess I must've warmed up by then and the pain just subsided. I was able to walk fast and started overtaking lots of participants. The feeling was really good!

When I hit the tape, I was really surprised with my timing and position. I got 13th (later upgraded to 11th after some other walkers got disqualified!) and with a PB time of 64'31" (previous best 65+' in StarWalk Penang dunno how many donkey years ago). What surprise me is I was able to do this with only one training last Sunday and while still recovering from my flu!

My joy was further enhanced with Wai Mun emerging champion in her category and finished her 10km below one hour! What a feat!

Now it's time to go back to running....

Newspaper clipping courtesy of Abdul Haris.


CP Waterman said...

Hooray we have a champion!
To run a 10K inside an hour is not easy but to walk!
Bravo Wai Mun!


John said...

Hi, H2O!
I've never really written to you but I have enjoyed reading your blog esp. having studied in a missionary school before, the 'forgotten' Scriptures somewhat seems to come alive to me again. I want to thank you for all your compliments & words of encouragement. Appreciated it very much!
Wai Mun

aharis said...

Congrats! Saw familiar name the result.. and it was u!.

John.. u should test yr pace in Alor Star. ASJC with Yaziz?

John said...

1st of all, thanks for the newspaper clipping.

I love to take part in the ASJC as I ran my 1st half marathon there. However, I might try the 50km instead as it's more appealing, to challenge myself - it will also be my 1st time trying distance more than 42km! Hope to run with you there.