Monday, February 18, 2008

The Arrival Of A New Family Member

Welcome our newly "born" son - Scott Pro CR1 aka Scott Tan. It weighs around 7.93kg or 16.6 lbs. The labor cost is RM1x,xxx! Now I can't wait to bring him for a ride this Saturday!

Thanks to Mr Lok Chan Chuen for sparing his time and expertise in selecting the parts of the bicycle.


aharis said...

Insurance for bike sudah ambik ka?

yipwt said...

nice & expensive bike....
congrats on your "newborn".

John said...

Abdul Haris,
Duit dah kering! You wanna sponsor the insurance ke? I will put Haris Insurance SB logo on my bike...hahaha.

Thank you. When we compare with a 30k bike, it's not expensive at all. That's what I tell my wife...;)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Feeewit!!!!!!!! What a beauty!!!!!

Yes, your baby boy is very the handsome lah.

Can i bring him for a ride? hehe

John said...

You said handsome ke? Of course-lah, like father like son mah! I wish he can be as good as you on both hill and flat.

Anonymous said...

y a 'son' n not a 'daughter'?
least expect to come across ur blog while googling :)
tis Mei here...ha ha

John said...

Mei who?

sofiantriathlete said...