Saturday, June 21, 2008

What A "Fishy" Experience

Wai Mun and I went fishing today. Believe me or not if I say we do not need any fishing rod or other equipments, but just use our feet to fish? You'd better be because it's true! However, it's not the normal kind of fishing but a fish therapy. Here, we feed the fishes instead of the fishes feed us.

When we first put our feet in a treatment pool, we giggled and almost cried out. There were many tiny toothless Turkish spa fish, of the Garra rufa species, nibbled off the dead skin on our feet. The feeling? Something between hundreds of tweezers and tiny suction cups gently pecking at your feet.

According to enthusiasts, the feeding sessions by these 9cm- to 12cm-long fish can leave you feeling massaged, glowing and with improved skin.

Many people also believe that the Doctor Fish therapy can cure problems like psoriasis, a disease that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin.

After the session, we could immediately feel the difference on our feet. They are much lighter, brighter and smoother. We will surely have more of this session in the future! Who knows, it may even help us run faster!


AdamLoh said...

Hi, little wonder, I did not know that you are injured , so sorry to hear that. Please take care my little wonder ( Siau Chze )

John said...

Thanks Adam.