Wednesday, March 18, 2009

After 40!

They said life begins after 40 for a man. Yeah, I believe!

Because :-

After 40, there were many firsts for me.

After 40, I discovered that long-sightedness has seeped in and therefore, blurring my vision whenever I turn to read a book.

After 40, I'm losing more hairs than I ever expected and my wife thinks it's natural.

After 40, my body is scarred from that cycling accident which made me "more manly" and wiser. (Ha! Ha!)

After 40, I had my first operation done last week and stayed in the hospital for the very first time (and last, I hope).

BUT the positive side of it is : After 40, I now upgraded myself to the Men Veteran category in some running races and managed to "cari makan".

Indeed, after hitting 40, life has just begun .....


Runnerz said...

You left out on your secret for not looking like a 40 year old? Hehe...

John said...

Ha!Ha! No problem. In fact I'm proud to be 40s.

yipwt said... u can ace all those races...

Carboman said...

Hello young man! Congrats and may there be more good and happy firsts for you!