Sunday, June 28, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

By far this is the most suffering marathon that I've ever run. It's not so much of the traffic fume, route terrain, the heat or anything like that. It's because I have to run the second half of my run with a huge blister that developed due to my own carelessness and folly!

Before I start writing the Race Report, I would like to thank Sam Pritchard for pacing with me throughout the Race until 37km where I lost touch with him. Pacing with him really helped in taking some pain off my mind for a while during the run.

The marathon started at 5am sharp with drizzle on top of our heads. It cooled down the weather and I was sure most runners were glad with that.

Not long after the start, I found Sam and I just tagged along with him as his pace suits me well. When we reached Jalan Travers, I was pleasantly surprised to find Tomoko San cheering us on by the roadside. "Gambate!" she said. Thank you Tomoko San for making an effort to wake up early to give support to the runners. How I wish most Malaysian, especially KL-lite share this kind of spirit!

Due to the rain, some potholes were covered with water. I managed to avoid all of them except the one at Cheras water station (@13km). While I was busy sipping a cup of drink, I stepped into that pool of water. My right shoe and sock instantly got wet. As this is a new pair of shoe, it has not been seasoned enough to withstand the wetness. The rubbing sensation began thereafter and my biggest fear came true when at around 20km I could feel a blister developing! What a bad timing as this happened when we were entering into the heart of the city where we were required to make many turnings. With each turn, the pain became more unbearable. I kept telling myself to stay focus and shut down the pain system.

Approaching Istana Negara (@32km), I found that stretch a big killer. The hilly terrain and sharing of a single lane with the fellow runners from 21km and 10km threw my ryhthm up-side-down. I struggled up the dreaded Wisma Tani route at a pace where I think a snail can easily overtake me!

Needless to say, my last 5km was just a matter of surviving - to keep one leg in front of the other. I was a total spent force when I crossed that finishing line to the extent that even to wave to supporters and friends was a big issue!

My watch showed 3:47:51 and I think my official time will be around 3:48:18.

Wai Mun ran back in a relaxing mood in 4:16 and bettered her previous time in Macau. So proud of her!

My hard-earned medal.

Meanwhile, I would like to congratulate those who have completed their maiden marathon this morning ie. Ronnie See, Lynn Toh, Sook Ying, Julie Wong and my fellow office mates, May and Wendy for completing their 1st 10km run.


CP Waterman said...

Bravo to both of you!That ghastly looking blister must have given you a tough time. Haza the running mum has some equally ghastly looking toes!
Take care!

Lynn said...

congrats to both of you ! :) *clap * clap* :)

John said...

Thank you Waterman & Lynn.

Raymond Hee said...

congrats John! U made running marathon so easy

John said...

Hi Dr Rum,
Marathon running is never an easy feat. We really don't know how we will fare on Race Day. Nevertheless, as promised, I would dedicate this run to you for giving me constant encouragement and motivation in every competition. Thank you and hope you do well in your new endeavour in Hong Kong.

Cheong said...

Congrats on your fantastic time as well as your wife's time. Wish I could run below 4 hours.

Not sure if you have ever tried covering both your feet with vaseline gel thoroughly before putting on socks. I also step on a puddle of water at the cheras station (the kerb was flooded as I approach d station in the dark) and 1 of my shoe & sock were wet. I was really concern but somehow the vaseline help in preventing blisters/chaffing from least it work for me :-)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

U did well! Bravo!
both of us are blistermen! haha!

John said...

Thanks Cheong for the good tips. Will try it next time and maybe every time. How did you do that morning?

Tomatoman: Yeah! The Twin Blistermen!

Raymond Hee said...

John- u shud dedicate to Wai mun for yoor constant motivation and encouragement esp during your fall during the interstate last year! She endured so much seeing u in pain doing something u love so much, she is my inspiration u know haha-not me lah,why dedicate to me, its the reverse la, u have been my marathon sifu and so experience to teach me how to run a sub 4hr! Thanks John