Sunday, August 02, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road 2009

1:49:19. Wow! I'm really pleased with this timing as I was taking this 22.7km-half marathon rather easy - no pushing, just plain pacing. And, I came back feeling good unlike last year where I was totally exhausted due to too much energy being used to tackle the hills and manoeuvre around the round-abouts that Shah Alam city has to offer.

What I like about this year's edition is the start and end of the run is at the stadium. That itself solves a lot of logistic problems - parking, toilet, seating etc.

After five back-to-back competitions for the last one month or so, and with the fasting month approaching, I am really looking forward to a well deserved rest now - to re-charge, re-focus and of course to recover from my plantar fasciitis injury.

Till then, stay healthy.

P/S Picture courtesy of Jason Lee. For more photographs, please view from KC's blog.

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cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

with your injury and still can finished with such a good time is fantastic!

rest well!