Monday, November 16, 2009

Powerman 2009

Venue : Seri Manjung, Perak

Date : 8 November 2009

Start time : 7.30am

Distance : 11km RUN-64km BIKE-10km RUN

Powerman or Tau Foo Fa man? After 4 hours and 15 minutes of running and cycling under the super hot sun, I felt like a soya bean curd being cooked inside a hot oven! I almost melted!

Even though I'm still recovering from all kinds of pain on my legs resulting in lack of training, the optimistic side of me was hoping that I could still beat my previous year's timing of 3:53.51. Try I did, but in the end I was satisfied to just be able to complete the race within the 5-hour qualifying time.

Here's the comparison of the respective split time between 2009 & 2008:
2009 2008
Run1 52:39> 51:46
T1 1:35< 2:37
Cycle 2:08:52> 2:02:32
T2 1:52< 2:12
Run2 1:09:50> 54:41
Total 4:14:51> 3:53:51

Ironically, my only improvement is in both the transition areas!

I mentioned to Tomatoman before the start line that this year's Powerman would only be part of my training. And after this gruelling work-out, I couldn't be asking for more.

Now it's time for some serious trainings - my next agenda...the Xiamen Marathon! Bring it on!

P/S I would like to thank Lok, Jason and their families for leading us to Lumut and back safely. My appreciation also go to Tey, Victor, Jenny and Yap for patiently taking photographs under the scorching sun and everyone who cheered me on during the race. Last but not least, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my wife for her constant encouragement and support.


Annizam said...

well done john!

John said...

Thanks, Annizam. Hope to see you picking up the sports one day.

Anonymous said...

wah....good one John! U braved the heat and came back only 10min slower than last year only mah.

Well done!!!! I can never do powerman coz im officially powerless now!

Raymond Hee

K3vski said...

Well done John. And take care with your aches/pains, all the best for your next marathon to add to your already very long list!

John said...

Dr Ram,
I was exactly 21min slower-lah! I walked 90% of the 1st 5km of the second run. No thanks to the leg cramp!

Thank you for your concern. Will take good care of my legs cos I wish to run many more marathons.

Anonymous said...

Well done bro..wah XM mara..sure nice n pia PB.