Monday, July 11, 2005

An Easy Start

It was drizzling and the weather was superbly cool on this lovely Sunday morning. Who on earth would want to get up or leave their cosy bed to go out and run? But, we did.

This morning only a small group of us gathered at the Bukit Aman car park. Most PACM members had gone to Seremban for their half marathon.

We started at 6.48am. I took it very easily and carefully as it was going to be my longest run in 5 weeks - a 11km Double Hill route. My objective was to test if my achilles tendon injury has improved.

During the run, I could feel a slight pain on my tendon occasionally. Surprisingly, my fitness level has not dropped that drastically. We finished in 1:12.

I concluded that I could start running again but it has to be slow and easy.

1 comment:

Penguin 2 said...

Hi ! John,

Glad to hear that you are coming back. Take it easy man ! The running races will always be there waiting for you.

Take good care and see u again.

Bye x 2