Thursday, July 28, 2005

Risk Taker?

Glad to meet Ajeep a.k.a. PM26 at the Kpg Pandan Track yesterday evening. He has his bandage off and should be able to start training again. He said he is going to start with an easy walk. Welcome back, my friend. You can do it!

And, what was I doing in the Track? Hmmm... tell you a secret, I was joining Coach Chan's training. As a result, I got a tongue lashing from Ajeep for being stubborn. He said I should be resting my achilles tendon properly. I acknowledged what he said was correct but how I can let slip of any chance to run? hehehe!

So, the menu was 1km x6 and 400m x5. Here's how I did:

1km:- 1) 4'33" 2) 4'29" 3) 4'28" 4) 4'27" 5) 4'27" 6) 4'23"

400m:- 1) 1'54" 2) 1'51" 3) 1'46" 4) 1'42" 5) 1'35"

No bad, I could still maintain at 4'30" per km pace considering my lack of running lately. In fact, after the training, I felt good as I still had so much reserve. Of course, my tendon stressed a little (hope Ajeep and my wife does not read this!) but I believe it should be alright after a day or two.

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