Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Shoes

Today, I put on my brand new running shoes, a blue Nike Pegasus. It is my second pair of the year. I bought it after recommended by Dr Jamie It has good cushioning and arch support. Its price is also reasonable unlike other models.

My fear on buying a new pair of shoe is the unknown if it is too heavy (over times) for my heel due to my achilles tendon injury. At first, I had this sharp pain at my tendon after just 1-2 minutes into running. However, after half an hour, the pain gradually gone.

Need to assess and get use to it. Hopefully, I need not buy another pair too soon!

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Carboman said...

Break it in first coz wearing softer shoes can give some aches to the lower legs as they adjust to the change in feel. It's hard to go wrong with the Pegasus mainly because it's so basic.