Friday, August 05, 2005

What A Reward!

I ran at Taman Tasik Permaisuri today for one hour - the longest run in 2 weeks! No wonder after just 15 minutes, my heart beat so hard and I felt like "pancit" already! Luckily, my mental strength is still there to assist me to finish the whole journey. OMG! My fitness level has obviously dropped quite drastically. It's time to catch up with my homework...

My brand new Nike Pegasus was excellent! Despite the second trial, it has passed with flying colour! I felt like we're combining well now.

After the run, I received our long-over-due Certificate of Participation for the NB Pacesetters 15km Run from Phoon. However, the wait was worthwhile because it is VERY nice! So nice that Wai Mun & I kept admiring our certificates and the well-taken photos for the whole night. We planned to frame them up. I'm very sure these are the best certificates we've ever received. Usually, I don't bother to keep the "fill-in-the-blank by yourself" certificates issued by our local races!

Thank you to Pacesetters for making their best efforts to present us such a memorable and high quality token for our participation. Well done, keep it up!

Click here for full result.

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adamking said...

Siow Chze your cert looks wonderful, good quality and good timing as well , well done