Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Independence Day!

Wow! My pulse rate was 44 this afternoon. The reading really surprised me as I'm still building up my fitness level. It came much earlier than expected. I think my rate would be around 50+ when I was preparing for the KLIM in Feb. Hope I'm able to maintain it, if not better it, for the two major races in Sep.

Today's track work-out was good. I didn't push too much as I'm still concern with my injury and also I do not want to peak too soon.

We did 7x800m and 4x400m.

My timing was as the following:
800m - 3:38 / 3:33 / 3:31 / 3:28 / 3:31 / 3:27 / 3:27
400m - 1:36 / 1:33 / 1:31 / 1:24

Looking forward to tomorrow's long run.

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