Saturday, August 27, 2005

The World's First Intelligent Shoe!

You are looking at a pair of state of the art running shoes. The first of it's kind! It took 4 years to develop these amazing shoes.

The shoe automatically adjusts to the weight of your body and the type of surface you are on. It adjusts the comfort level 1000 times a second, digitally, according to your personal settings. This is an amazing new revolution in footwear, it has a micro computer in the sole and heel of the shoe that adjusts the support and comfort level to your exact specification. It is the most comfortable shoe, it's like nothing you'll ever find.

It costs USD299.95. Not sure if it is being sold now in Malaysia and how much?

P/S this article is served as an informational purpose only.

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Carboman said...

i had the chance to hold the prototype shoe when i attended the adidas tech training a few months ago. it's pretty heavy and bulky. i'd rather wait for the well received adiZero range next year