Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Feeling Good

My main goal for today's speed work-out is to gradually improve my fitness level as well as my confidence level.

My achilles tendon still hurt after each run/walk. That's why I've been holding back my speed and mileage in all my trainings. I've doubts if I could ever run at a faster pace in a longer run.

As it turned out, I achieved my goal of the day. Very satisfied indeed as I dipped below my target time of 4:30 for 1km and 1:36 for 400m!

1km x 4 -- 4:22/4:19/4:18/4:06
400m x 4 -- 1:25/1:27/1:24/1:15

Look like the haze on top of my head has gone away!

By the way, I think Kenneth is the most-improved runner among the PM gang as today he has been consistently clocking below 4:20. I recalled a month or two ago he was still struggling behind Jessica at 5:00 pace. Good for him!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

knn is si beh kau lat...chin bo bo lang chai...!!

well done...knn...!! keep it on.!!