Monday, August 22, 2005

A Fruitful Week

This whole week was great - no thick haze with API reading below 50. Thank you, God!

So, what are we waiting for? Make full use of the opportunity to exercise outdoor-lah! As a result, my mileage has increased to around 45km this week. Not too bad considering that I'm still recovering from my injury.

Well, talking about my achilles tendon injury. I think it's not that serious now - it hurts in the first 15 minutes of running and of course the rest of the day after the run until the next morning. Not bad huh? I'm still able to exercise. Again, thank YOU the almighty!

This morning, a group of us - 6 gentlemen ran alongside with our pacesetter - princess Lisa to Hartamas and back. Our princess's pace was consistent and just nice throughout. What a good leader! To beat the boredom, we swapped leaders occasionally. We came back together in 1:42.

Thank you, Wah, Adam, Onn, Onn's friend, Botak Tan and of course princess Lisa!

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