Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was supposed to do a 30km run last Sunday. However, due to a cold and sore throat and also the rain in the morning, I cancelled the plan. Instead, I turned spectator and cheer leader for my wife as she was taking part in her 7km-MM Big Walk. Congratulations to her as she got second, trailing behind a Singaporean walker. You always make me proud of you!

Total weekly mileage for week 4 = 20km, way off target of 55km! I hope this will not haunt me later on Race Day!


CP Waterman said...

Wow wow wow! Wai Mun got number 2 we didn't even know and no photo also! No No we must not let this slips again.I will inform pm22 to log on to her in the future.hehe.. Face it how many of us PMs get to stand on the podium in big races huh??? We should all be very proud of her. 3 cheers for my "chor Lai" and 'yong tau fu' on me ok?
As for you John,go back to full training only when you have fully recovered. Don't worry you already got solid base with you. hehe..


Tey said...

H2O Yap:

I will...action foto miss,cause focus on 20km event kaki..hehe..

Prize giving too late for me...after 12noon liao.

Will snap fot YMP action foto next time.

If u want to her action foto,can see my genting 24h walk.A lot of her and John foto.

John said...

Hi, Yap! Thanks so much for the compliments & words of encouragement. I'm flattered! Anyway, I always like to keep myself in low profile...You did well in your Paris Marathon too. Well done & keep up the spirit!