Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Signed Up For Phuket Marathon

Week 2 of 11 training update:
1) Tuesday - 6.5km easy jog
2) Thursday - 6.5km easy jog
3) Saturday - 7.8km easy jog
4) Sunday - 20km easy long run to Hartamas (1:50:40)

Total weekly mileage - 40.8km.

I'm still struggling on the long run. This morning I have the privilege to run with the Ultra-marathoner, Mr Ngae. This ultra-long distance guru set a pace that I found too difficult to cope. I ended a spent force on the return leg. Hats off to him!

Next 3 weeks of training will emphasize on strength. Expect a much more mascular John after this! Hehehe!

1 comment:

Ngae said...

My Sifu: You were giving me too much face lah.... Anyway I only target another 3.59.59 marathon in Penang. Nowhere like what you can do around 3.30.