Sunday, April 01, 2007

A New Pair Of CNN Sports Newscaster?

Great news guys!

Recently, we went to Hong Kong for an audition with CNN and were chosen to be their newscasters for the sports section!

As you can see from the picture, we were looking good on TV too!(Ahem!)

Looks like we are gonna pick up the mic and read sports news more often soon!

Till then, wish us luck in this new and foreign assignment of ours.


CP Waterman said...

Wow! This really is great news. Many congradulations! Not only CNN Hong Kong is being blessed by you both but also your neighbourhood ( especially those runners out there ) will soon be richly touched by our magnificent couple.

Raymond Hee said...

John,I dont get it.How u managed to get into CNN HK?R u into broadcasting?Why CNN?Why HK?Why not RTM or TV3 haha,im so confused la.So u guys reading in canto or english or putonghua?:-)

Btw,u looked dashing and Wai mun looked so serene,both of u sure photogenic no doubt and did I mentioned it was indeed an amazing feat to read news on CNN!

krunner said...

Huh? How did you end up there? Now we have addd CNN couple to Running couple. Good luck.

pm19 said...

John & Wai Mun, what's goin' on? U guys are really on assignment in CNN HK? Do enlighten us!

RunWitMe said...

Congrats...then again, this article is posted on April 1st. (insert

John said...

Hi all, it's just one of those jokes on the 1st day of Apr...hahaha. Hope you guys are not mad with me;)

Anyway, we were really there on a biz trip.

Carboman said...

ahahahaha! you got everyone inc myself EXCEPT RWM!