Saturday, August 11, 2007

4th Malaysia International 24 Hour Walk

The Walk is into its 4th series and for the first time it's held at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Unlike the past 3 series where it was held in cool mountains of Genting Highlands, this time the competitors have to brace themselves for a tough challenge of walking in the heat and humidity amidst heavy traffic.

The race is flagged off at 8am, Saturday and will end at 8am, Sunday.

Here's the FINAL results :

To view some walkers in action, please click here,

Or Album2,

Or Pacemaker22.

For more Race report, please visit RunWitMe's blog.


CP Waterman said...

"Cho Lai" jia yu! Jia yu!
Simply amazing how people can walk for so long!!!!
Cinya salute!


Bernardo José Mora said...

Congratulations to Wai Mun!
Best wishes!

John said...

Thank you for your support. Wai Mun came up Top in the National Category and she said she will drop you a personal note on your email.

Gracias! Wish you were here too. Your presence would certainly add more colour to the race.

yipwt said...


how are you going there for the 50km run?

Is there a group from KL going too?

John said...

I'm not sure who will be going, how & the logistic arrangement. Kindly call me at 012-2000506 so tt we can keep each other updated.

CP Waterman said...

What an incredible performance! What can one say??? A thousand applause and a thousand congrats to Wai Mun.
While reading her race report I found my tears kept pouring down uncontrolably. I am just so touched! It's an awesome achievement!
Will try to write a personal mail to her later.
Bravo again to my cho lai! Bravo!


Billie said...

Hi Wai Mun, I am Kwok Chik Ha whom you met in 24Hr and 12Hr Walk last year. I am looking for your email address to ask you something about Malay Big Walk this year. Could you leave me your email address? Mine is "".
Look forward to your reply.