Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King Of The Road 2007

This is the first time Adidas incorporates a 21km in their run and it is also the first time the race is held at Sunway Pyramid. I think that is a great idea as it will attract lots of tourists-cum-runners to this resort (if the right marketing promotion is implemented) as the Sunway Pyramid offers facilities such as shopping, entertainment, dining and theme park all in one roof!

Runners are required to run the whole 21km on the New Pantai Expressway (NPE). Kudos and thanks to the highway authority for closing the whole expressway for us runners! We understand this will definately burn a hole in their pockets as a result of a loss of revenue in toll collection. Thank you.

I am also pleased with my form this morning as I did 1:29:37 and placed at 45th. position. Alas, only later after the race did I find out that the actual distance is only 19.6km. So, if the distance has been exactly 21km, I estimated I should be doing around 1:36 which can easily be my season best too! For the record, I've always finished around 1:42 to 1:45.

With another one more month to go for my debut 50km in Alor Setar, it feels good to know that I'm on the right track!

Just like me, my wife also took this race as a training. However, she is preparing for something more gruelling - the 24-hour walk this coming Saturday! If anyone is free on that day, please do spare sometime and give your moral support to these walkers at Dataran Merdeka (8am - 8am).

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yipwt said...

hi john, ran damn fast...great job man.

Raymond said...

John is extremely fast and will always be!Imagine i saw him at the other side of the highway before reaching the half way mark!
How u run so fast one ah John,even wai mun also very fast.I was running behind her the entire 15k before she broke away sigh!Im just so demotivated

Lai Fong Sang said...

Well done on your excellent performance, you are on the right track to do a sub 3:30 mission for your next marathon.
My salute and heartiest congratulations to you.

John said...

Thank you guys. Given some time you guys will be overtaking me soon... luckily I'll be promoted to Jr Veteran category next year! hehehe....