Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shape Run

As the name suggested, this 10km run is really for the "out-of-shape" people like me, to participate and have some fun. So when the opportunity arose, I just got a spare BIB to run to sweat it out!

Surprisingly, even though we had cycled almost 70km yesterday, my legs still have the power to push the distance. I think I must be running under the influence of Usain Bolt - my new idol! I was the 7th person in my category to cross the finishing line. My time was 45:10, no bad for a Sunday-runner like me.

Although I was not entitled to any prize due to technical reason but what the heck, I was very satisfied with my performance! I think I'm almost ready for the Powerman. I just need to start training seriously in the next 2 months and hope to peak by November 9.

Wai Mun didn't want to let me outshine her - she also got 7th position. It's always great to have such a competitive life partner to make our life interesting, isn't it?

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