Monday, September 01, 2008

2008 PCC Interstate Cycling

The Sceneries

The Peloton

The Camaraderie

The Support

Local Famous

The Casualties


sofiantriathlete said...

Goodness John. More than 20 years cycling and I have not seen abrasions that bad.
Probably u can't even put on working clothes for some time.

le_runner said...

my spine is chilling cold after looking at your injuries. get well soon. BTW, my name is Victor a friend of Raymond Hee. =)

CP Waterman said...

Ouch ouch OMG John please take care!
I never quite trust Malaysian roads. I supplied quarry materials to road builders for years and I should know their workmanship.May be its not a good idea to go too fast on training rides.
Looking at your photos you must be suffering in pain.Hope you will get well very soon.
Take care!

Emma said...

Hi John, R H Bee told me off your mishap during the interstate. Glad to hear your alive and typing but sorry to know you had such a nasty crash. Hope you are back on the bike soon and look forward to seeing you on the road. Take it easy, Emma.

feifeipinky said...

my goodness...khoo was telling us bout ur injuries when we were in Mulu..hope u recover soon.

yipwt said...

woah...that's pretty bad...take care john...hope u recover fast.

John said...

Dear all,
Thank you for your concerns and well wishes. I'm surprisingly recovering faster than expected. Stitches have been removed and the wounds have dried up and peeled off. Hope to see all of you either in running or cycling very soon.