Sunday, May 11, 2008

A'Famosa Triathlon 2008

I can't imagine I did it - I woke up as early as 5am, drove an hour (about 100km), waited almost 3 hours for my turn to race and then drove back - just for that 10km run!

Yes, I was in the thick of action again, this time I was to run in the Mix Relay for the A'Famosa International Triathlon in Melaka. Dr Rum started with swimming which is his forte, our gutsy lady Yit Thing did the riding and I was the anchorman in the running segment.

Mind you, this doctor can really swim! He was one of the first few to come out from the water. By the time he passed the ribbon to our rider, our team was fourth. As Yit Thing is quite new in cycling, we expected our ranking to drop eventually. Nevertheless, she did her very best and came back safely. We were told there was a crash involving 4 riders with one of them having to be sent to the hospital!

Honestly when I received the ribbon, I was in a dilemma : should I go all out or just take it easy as I knew by then we were out of the podium finish? Thank goodness I chose the former. My form today was much better compared to yesterday. Furthermore the stress on my both thighs did not bother me at all while running and that further boosted my confidence level.

After running with all my heart and might for 40:34, I finally hit the tape to complete my first experience in a back-to-back 10km race. Even though the race course is slightly under-distance, I'm very happy and satisfied with my performance this morning. To add icing to the cake, we were surprised to learn that we were 2nd Runner Up during the prize presentation. And this is what we got ....

By the way, I would like to congratulate Tomatoman and Ultraman Yip for their Third placing in the Men Relay, Michelle for her successful debut as a Triathlete and many more who have participated.


Raymond said...

Thank you John for your speedy gonzales kaki! haha

yipwt said...

aiseh john...once you run, sure sayur all the rest of the runners. u just need to swim for a full tri.

Tey said...

Bro John:

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Congrats John for being second runner up!

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