Sunday, May 18, 2008

NB 15KM 2008

As mentioned in my previous posting, I took part in this year's NB 15km just because of this....

Isn't it unique and cute?

Anyway, I finished the run in 1:10:14 for a 58th position in the Overall Men category. Not bad considering I just cycled more than 90km the day before.

The hilly terrains would prove too much for many runners. However judging from their facial expressions, I believe not many would complain about that. Everyone seemed to be satisfied after they had completed their run.

As expected, this race was well organised with sufficient water stations, good traffic management and a runner-friendly running course. Thank you to the volunteers for their effort and time. You did a splendid job!


Saturday, May 17 - We cycled from Pekan 18-Pangsun-Pekan 18-Genting Peres-Tekala-Pekan 18-Pangsun-Pekan 18 for a total distance of 94km. I believe 60% of our ride was at speed of 30km/hour or more, for which I was very pleased with. Our very young team (in experience not in age of course!) has certainly been progressing. Keep it up teammates!


CP Waterman said...

Wah another fast time. Congrats!
I see an IM in the making!

yipwt said...

nice medal...and u did a good time as well

John said...

Thanks. I'm training for the Powerman. I don't see myself doing IM in the near future.

I'm pleased with my timing. Actually I didn't have any target for this run.