Sunday, May 25, 2008

RMAF Half Marathon

Not long after we parked our car, we were chartered in a bus to bring us to the starting point of run.

When the race began, fireworks were displayed on the air until we left the 2km long air-way. A good effort made by the organiser although it was not as grand as it was last held in the early 90s.

We were required to run almost the same route as the KLIM. I must say the organiser had done a good job by having the safety cones along the roads and making sure it's safety first for the runners. Water stations were adequate and we were even provided a power gel.

As I have yet to recover from yesterday's cycling, I just made sure I finished the run and qualified for a medal as my birthday gift! I completed in 1:40:16 for a 52nd position. What a good number to buy 2552 or 5225! Hahaha!

Yes! Today I turned 40 and like many people say, life is just beginning! I quite agree with the saying as you may've observed, I have just started cycling and travelling to places I've never heard of before. I'm still learning new things and meeting new friends. I'm so blessed to have met good people so far, people and friends who share the same passion and values in life. May I make a birthday wish here to wish all the friends I know, a healthy and enjoyable life for the years ahead!


yipwt said...

hepi birthday john....hope to see you keep on running. :)

Tey said...

Happy birthday ,more strong..more healthy in future life n race !!

sofiantriathlete said...

happy birthday