Thursday, March 03, 2005

Eat, Drink, Rest & More Rest

4 more days to the KLIM2005. Could see and feel the excitement in all the runners. Some lost sleep a week ago, some started to feel the pressure to achieve good results and some decided to pull out from the race or run a shorter distance, no thanks to the sickness and injuries!

As for me, I have been eating, drinking and resting well. Everyday, I just wish the marathon will start tomorrow and get it done with. Life in this one week is so boring! It's a waiting game and you just cannot do what you like most - running, as you are supposed to taper off and rest.

Anyway, I wish every runners going for the KLIM can stay relax, take good care of their bodies and enjoy the run. Believe me,the result will come naturally. Good luck!

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