Friday, March 18, 2005

Survivor of Speed Work-out

It has been a long time since the last time I did two sessions of speed work-out at Kampung Pandan Track in a week.

As usual, I jogged 2km around the track to warm up. As I was doing some light stretching, my heart told me to skip today's run. I was worried I could not last the whole session.

What a relief, Coach Chan could not come today and his son, Eugene took over his duty. He told us to do 400m x 15 times at 2'30" interval. So, we did. And here's my performance:

1'40", 1'37", 1'34", 1'34", 1'33", 1'34", 1'32", 1'32", 1'30", 1'31", 1'30", 1'30", 1'31", 1'30" & 1'28".

At last, I survived! Special thanks to my pacers, Ronnie, Azwar, Justin and Kenny.

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