Monday, March 14, 2005

Season Best Time for Double Hills

6.30am. I joined two speed demons,ie Ronnie a.k.a PM1 and Justin a.k.a. PM19 for a 11km run, or more famously known to PACM members as the Double Hills run. The route is pretty hilly, surrounded by lots of tree and some bungalows. It consists of two steep climbs, hence the name "Double Hills". My wife will liken it to Diamond Head of Honolulu, Hawaii but a much steeper version minus the seaview.

Ronnie is a never-say-die runner while Justin is a up-and-coming star. Both can run 1:35 in half marathons. As the KLIM is just over and I need to improve on my speed, I intentionally joined them for this morning's training. My game plan was to stick to them as much as I could and see how much distance I could cover with their kind of pace.

We started off well. The soreness of the knee and thigh has all gone. I was pretty comfortable until the foot of the first hill. After the first and second hills, I trailed them by 2 metres. Breathing was hard then. Luckily, I managed to recover and catch up with them again at the decline of the second hill.

As we reached Tugu Negara, we parted as the two speed demons would like to continue for another 4km. I ended the run at the car park with a SB time of 52'43". Average speed was 4' 48" per km. Thank you to my pacers!

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