Monday, March 07, 2005

A First Sub-4 Marathon in KL

Yes! I achieved my first target of a sub-4 hour run and in fact, it is the first time I did a sub-4 in this metro city of Kuala Lumpur. My previous three sub-4 marathons were done in Penang. My official time was 3:57:15 and net time was 3:56:18. My official splits for 10k, half-way and 30k were 53:13, 1:54:09 and 2:41:55 respectively. I was ranked 82th out of 298 finishers in my category. I would like to dedicate this little success to my beloved wife, Wai Mun.

Wai Mun also did well in her 21km run. She clocked 1:57:54 officially with a net time of 1:57:31. Her 10k split was 50:52. She was ranked 13th. Well done, my dearest wife.

The KLIM is the race I dread the most mainly because of its course selection. Runners need to go through many hilly terrains and the heat and the fume from the traffic was so unbearable. However, I think the traffic marshalls have done a good job this morning by stopping all the vehicles at the key junctions. And, the best thing running in this KLIM is that you will be encouraged and motivated by the honks of the impatient drivers instead of the normal cheerleading teams! What a change!

Generally, I enjoyed this run as I have been pacing well for the first 30km. After the 30km, my thigh became heavy and I couldn't lift my leg. There was a slight pain on my left knee. The stiff neck and the lower backache didn't help either and they had happened before during the long-distance training.

Lesson learned : i) must do few more 30km-40km runs in my future trainings. ii) must get treatment on my neck and back ASAP.


Kenny said...

Congrats . I'm happy for you and your wife :) If you need physiotherapist , call me , I always see a sports physio who was former physio of KL football team , he's good !!

Kenny Tan

Carboman said...

Wooo hoo! You Da Man! And Woman!

Tey said...

Hi,Very salute who can ran sub in KLIM....pei fu...!

Now I knew that u wife also very good ......!

Well done !

Hope to learn from you ,cause my dream also sub 4 in future !

Keep the pace without injure..enjoy life of running !

Tey said... time must tangkap u and u wife couple gambar lah !