Saturday, April 02, 2005

5 Laps at KLCC

Another day of nice weather but, hey! where is everyone? Expect to see Ronnie, Justin, Kenneth, Dr Carbo, Yong running at KLCC Park by this hour.

Initial plan was to run 10 laps for one-hour then pick my wife up from work. However, due to the traffic congestion inside the KLCC car park, whereby a good 10-20 minutes were gone, I could only have the luxury of 40 minutes to exercise.

After a quick light stretching, here come the record-breaker! It's me against TIME on the track of KLCC Park. We had a tough encounter and at the end of 5th lap, both were tired but satisfied! I clocked a SB time but still a long way from my PB of around 28 minutes.

Here's the breakdown:
1) 6'15.88 >> 6'15.88
2) 12'25.55 >> 6'09.67
3) 18'35.45 >> 6'09.90
4) 24'51.09 >> 6'15.64
5) 30'54.85 >> 6'03.76

Way to go, mate!

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