Thursday, April 14, 2005

Recovery Run? Hard Run?

Today's weather was excellent - cool and wet, thanks to the heavy downpour just one or two hours ago.

Reached KLCC Park at 6.30pm. Our regular gang, ie Justin, Dr Jamie, Rohaizad, Yong, Li Sar and Kenneth were seen running laps after laps. Then, the speed demon, Ronnie appeared with his wife. After a light stretching and a short pit-stop, Ronnie and I started our journey - a supposedly easy 8-lap recovery run!

We started off very comfortably with a time of 7 minutes for the first lap. The second lap was still alright with 6'41". Then, from the third lap onwards, the pace was getting faster and faster and the stride became bigger and bigger. However, we were feeling good and not tired at all. At the start of the final lap, Ronnie made the first move to accelerate. I followed closely behind him. I told myself to stick to this speed master as it's not everyday you could follow so close to him with his kind of pace. Just do it even if I have to black out in the middle of the run. Hard as we run, I could feel the pain in my heel at the third quarter of the lap. We ended the final lap with an amazing time of 5'22"! Bravo and thank you to Ronnie.

Here's the lap time and split:

1) 6'59.86 >> 6'59.86
2) 13'40.43 >> 6'40.57
3) 20'02.50 >> 6'22.07
4) 26'14.58 >> 6'12.08
5) 32'19.11 >> 6'04.53
6) 38'19.56 >> 6'00.45
7) 44'10.91 >> 5'51.35
8) 49'32.66 >> 5'21.75

Total mileage = 10.4 km
Average speed per km = 4'46"
Average speed per lap = 6'12"


Carboman said...

wooo hoo! see u @ Cops!

John said...

No cops please. Got speed limit!

sofiantriathlete said...

Don't run too much.
Got to buy new shoe

John said...

Hi, Sofian.

Long time no see/hear. Still injuried until now? Take care n hope to see u one of these days.

No shoe run barefoot loh...!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi John,
Wah u so famous lah. Sydney Marathon lah.
I am injured n fat. But OK lah got wife now.
All the best n take care