Friday, April 08, 2005

Stalker !!!

Have you been stalked before? I hope it'll never happen to you.

Remember the Brazilian marathon runner who was leading at the Athens' Olympic Games before he was pushed to the roadside and cost him the Gold medal? Ever heard of some celebrities who have been stalked and their privacy being intruded? Yes, that's called stalking and unbelievably, it happened to me this evening!

As usual, I drove to Lake Permaisuri and parked my car near the Cheras Football Stadium. Immediately, I noticed a skinny and lanky Chinese man in his 50s, wearing white singlet and dark short and carrying one old and torn black umbrella (it was drizzling at that time), was walking towards my car. Then, he stopped and stood in the middle of the road while waiting for me to get down from my car. I stared at him from inside my car. He looked at me and then walked to the back of the car, pretending he was stretching his ankle. As I refused to get down, he walked away and then turned back and waited there.

Worrying that the guy may harm me or steal my car and whatever in my car, I decided to park somewhere else. This time, I parked at the entrance of the Stadium. As I got down from my car and changed to my running shoe, I noticed this same guy driving slowly in his old, white Proton Saga and then parked some 10 metres away. He just sat inside his car. This time around, I was very annoyed and felt like confronting him. Then I would have wasted more time (wasted 10 minutes already!) and could not log in more running mileage. In the end, I just drove away and changed my training venue to Lake Garden at Bukit Aman!

At my last glance, this guy got down from his car and continued with his pretentious and suspicious acts. What a scary and annoying experience!

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