Friday, April 29, 2005

More Write-Up About Jenny's Accident

Runner badly hurt in hit-and-run

BY AUDREY EDWARDS of The Star, 28 April 2005

PETALING JAYA: She is among the top marathon runners in her senior-veteran category and has taken part in many marathons.

But now Jenny Lim Kui Eng lies in a hospital bed with broken pelvic bones after she was hit by a car early Thursday morning as she was training for a 15km run next month.

The 47-year-old was found unconscious on the road by a driver, who took her to the hospital.

“I am trying to be strong and to keep my spirit going. I have not cried yet because I just cannot accept what has happened.

“I cannot believe it. But what is done is done, as long as I have my life back. If I cannot run again, then I will walk.

“I will train my children and give what I have learnt to them,” she said yesterday from her hospital bed at the University Malaya Medical Centre.

Her other injuries include concussion, leg injury and bruises on her face.

Lim said she was still unable to take solid food because the right side of her face was still numb.

Her left leg is in traction and she has yet to undergo surgery, as doctors are fearful that she might be suffering from internal bleeding.

Lim had taken advantage of the public holiday last Thursday to go for a “long run” from her home in Section 17 here to the Hartamas area. She had started her run at about 6am.

“I needed the mileage because I was in training. I did not even know that I was knocked down. I just got up in the hospital and found them pushing me into the emergency room.

“I have always been very careful. And my t-shirt and shoes were white. I hope some eyewitnesses will come forward. If the person who did this has a heart, he should come forward, too,” she said.

It is believed that the accident occurred after the flyover at Phileo Damansara on the road leading to Hartamas.

Her 47-year-old triathlete husband, Lee Woon Khow, is upset.

“Why does it have to happen to good people? I have trouble sleeping because I keep getting up thinking about her. I cannot believe this has happened,” he said.

Stanley Ngooi, Lim’s colleague and fellow marathon runner, said the Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia was raising funds for Lim, as she did not have any medical coverage or insurance.

“We at the office are also trying to piece things together and find out what happened. We want to give her moral support,” he added.

Eyewitnesses can call the nearest police station or Lim’s office at 03-7880 7312 (Sheena / Stanley). Those who want to donate to Lim’s expenses can call Pacesetters president Munning Jamaluddin at 019-274 7433.

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