Sunday, May 01, 2005

3K Time Trial

Having run only 22km in total mileage this week and carrying the achilles tendon injury, obviously I am far from being fit. It is quite frustrating to pick up the injury again as my form has improved since training for the KLIM. Of late I have to cut down my weekly mileage to around 50km and reduce the intensity.

When PACM and especially PM gang announced that they were going to do a 3K time trial this morning, I was excited yet worry if I should take the risk to join in. I still have this doubt while I was driving to Kampung Pandan Track. To do it or not to do it? But I hate missing out the fun! I wanted to be on the track not off the track!

"Peep", off we ran and there was no turning back. Immediately, I was in the leading pack together with Tomoko. As she is a very good runner, I knew I have found a reliable "pacer". After clocking 1'32" for the first lap, I was still feeling comfortable. I decided to up the tempo to dip below 1'30" per lap. I was leading the group of about 10 runners laps after laps. With almost 1km to go, my breathing was hard and my arms and legs felt so weak. At the last lap, the acid started accumulating and I had to slow down tremendously. I crossed the finishing line at 12'17.92" and my doubt was finally over!

Here's the lap split:
1) 1'32.98" >> 1'32.98"
2) 3'09.01" >> 1'36.03"
3) 4'45.04" >> 1'36.03"
4) 6'21.27" >> 1'36.23"
5) 8'00.88" >> 1'39.61"
6) 9'43.40" >> 1'42.52"
7) 11'27.17" >> 1'43.77"
8) 12'17.92" >> 50.75"

As I am writing this report, I apply ice to my tendon area which is often sore after each run.

P/S Congrats to Jamie and Jason for clocking their personal best time in the trial. Keep up the good job, mates!

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