Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's in your blood type?

Read today's The Star newspaper and came across this interesting article:

"To many Japanese, the key to their personality lies not in their stars but in their blood type. Type A's, they believe, are perfectionists and make good accountants; Type B's are sociable but selfish. Type O's are said to be decisive and curious, while type AB's are supposedly complex and suited for research and art."

"A, B and O blood classification is an effective, common indicator that can judge human beings regardless of race and religion".

I don't agree with this belief because as an O's type, I am indecisive and can't care less at times. However, I strongly believe there is relationship between one's Star and Animal Sign and one's personality. One good example is that both Lok and I who are Monkeys, have had a bad year last year due to injuries and sickness. My wife and one of her close friends of the same animal (zodiac) sign must spend all their money to the last cent before they come back from their overseas holiday!

Believe it or not? You'd better believe it...

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Rohaizad said...

Hi John,

Rohaizad , thanks for the toilet
tips at Bkt Aman. Didn't know about them. Will make sure I do my business before running 20 km.