Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Two Cents on NB Pacesetters 15KM

Generally, the event was well organised with :-
1) punctual start time.
2) 3 barricades segregated into 3 groups of runners based on their own estimated finishing time, ie below 65 minutes, 65-90 minutes and more than 90 minutes.
3) plenty of water and sport drink at the water stations.
4) the water stations were strategically located, ie 5km & 10km.
5) distance markers at every kilometre.
6) a uniquely-designed finishing medal for each runner.
7) plenty of food, fruits and drinks at the finishing area.

Personally, I feel there are still rooms for improvement:
1) implementing the timing-chip system.
2) adding one more barricade for 65-75 minutes group.
3) having more cheering teams or brass bands.
4) encouraging more family members and friends to come up to cheer the runners.
5) having the MC to announce the name of runners as they approach the finishing line.
6) making sure that the t-shirt size based on the standard Asian measurement.
7) better traffic cordination at the foot of major hills, eg. at Seri Carcosa hill & Double Hill.
8) ensure sufficient parking lots.
9) organising side events to generate Carnival atmosphere, eg. face painting,line dancing, BMI test.
10) reduce the number of lucky draws.

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