Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a Lovely Marriage!

As reported in yesterday’s The Star, there was a bridegroom who ran 8km from TTDI to Bandar Sri Damansara, accompanied by his 3 other friends, to his loved one’s house to marry her. The idea was actually initiated by his wife as the groom has a passion for running.

Interesting? Yes, I’m fascinated by it as I recalled I almost did the same four years ago. Then, my plan was to run 20km, with accompany of my buddies from the PACM in one of our Sunday long runs. The finishing line would be at the beautiful Lake Garden. After the run, we would exchange vows and wedding rings in the open field, well decorated with arch and pretty flowers, and witnessed by our distinguished guests, friends and relatives. There would also be a couple of lovely and white swan walking and swimming around.

Well, the plan did not kick off as we expected some logistic problems. Nevertheless, we did it at the Concorde Hotel, Grand Ballroom on the 7th Jan 2001 -- Both of us had the pleasure of running one round inside the ballroom before our dinner function start!

Here’s the poem written by my beloved wife on our unique Invitation Card:

“John & Wai Mun are runners of merit.
Both of them kept a similar spirit.
It happened just 3 years ago,
when they were both not so old!

Romance took place here,
where some Pacesetters used to go,
and sportwear were sold.
“A matching couple”, they were told.
Here, a love story unfolds…

“At the Lake Gardens we both met.
Since then my eyes on her I only set.
Getting to know her then became my quest,
for I know she is someone nobody can mess.
Although her impulsiveness I sometimes detest,
her down-to-earth nature surely beats the rest.
So, my love to her, I confessed.
For I am certain, I have found the best.
Wai Mun, she is my special asset”. -john

“When I found my Mr. Right,
I must admit it was not love at first sight.
He is a really nice fella,
there’s no airs about him,
he is very humble.
I love him for his good-natured character,
couldn’t resist his good sense of humour,
and will not exchange his smile for the world.
Most importantly, we can run a marathon together!” -waimun


pm19 said...

It is wonderful that you have someone you can share your passion with. As you know there are not too many boyfriends/girlfriends/parents/siblings/husbands/wife that really understand why we run so much. So you are one lucky man!

Carboman said...

That was such a sweet story! Ya man, you're a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

The idea can be revived by just getting married for a second time isn't that simple

krunner said...

Rohaizad>Nice poem but but may be it's better not to marry a runner as well. Trouble is when both want to train kau-kau for race , who is going to look aftet the kids?

Anyone knows a married couple with kids who are both dedicated runners? I haven't come across anyone yet.

John said...

Rohaizad, you may check with other running couple with kids, ie. Lok Chan Chuen & Agnes Tee, Lee Boon Kow & Jenny Lim.