Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More Good News To Come

Sunday - Wai Mun and I ran on the same 15k course in the morning. It was an easy run with some occasional surges especially at the hills. In the end, I considered it as a good warm-up run en route to this Sunday's NB PACM 15K race.

Monday - Went for the third treatment on my achilles tendon. Again, I came back with blue black on my back and leg. Waited for 4 hours before I could take my shower. During that time, I have to bear with an oily body. Yaks!

Had a short and slow jog with Kelvin Ng in the evening before it started to drizzle.

Tuesday - Got a good news! No, no, no, my wife is not pregnant... The swell on my achilles tendon area had subsided a little and is not that hard rock anymore. It is definately a good sign of recovery. Hope for more good news to come.

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