Friday, May 06, 2005

False Alarm?

Have not been running much this week. Did a slow jog for about 45 minutes on Tuesday and another 20 minutes this morning. Very worry now how I am going to dip below 1:10 in the upcoming 15km PACM Run in 17 days. The hilly course is really a daunting thought!

After my trip back from Ipoh on 2 May, the usual uncomfortable pain at the archilles tendon was surprising "disappeared" even though the swell was there. I was expecting something positive to come by. Then after the Tuesday work-out, the pain wasn't there. I secretly told Wai Mun that my unwanted "guest" might have gone for good.

However, I could feel a slight pain at the spot right now. Sigh! Please leave me alone, my dear "guest".

Please tell me what I can do now - to train or not to train? By the way, the evening rain doesn't help either!


Carboman said...

Avoid track work. Dont run the risk of injuring your guest again or else another 6 mths layoff. Lay low until 15k race day. Jog for the rest just to maintain cardio fitness. Sacrifice a bit of speed.

Der Dr

John said...

You're right, Dr Carbo. That's exactly what I'm doing now - just slow jog for 20-30 minutes. Apply ice/aloe vera after that. Planning to skip track totally. Will miss the gang there...huh, huh, huh.

Thanks for your advice.