Sunday, May 15, 2005


Woke up this morning and immediately checked on my back. Wookey dookey...the blue black is getting better and not that obvious now. Perhaps, drinking lots and lots of water helps. In addition, I think yesterday's slow jog has made some wonders too.

Yesterday's jog was really unplanned for. Because of the need to pick my wife up from work, I went to KLCC area where her office is. While waiting, I might as well do some running at the KLCC Park, I thought. So, at 4.00pm, off I ran!

I have never run at that hour of the day in my life. Thank goodness, the weather was not hot. In fact, it drizzled for a minute or two. I thought I would be the first crazy nut to hit the track. I was proven wrong! There were already two runners jogging around - one lady and another gentleman. Okay! I am not that crazy after all.

I jogged easily and completed 8 laps, ie. 10.4km in 51'48". It's time to take my wife home.

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pm19 said...

"Jogged easily"? Wah, if that is easy then this Sunday's 15k will be a breeze for you!