Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Secret Training?

Skipped the usual Tuesday's track work-out. Instead, I had an easy 1 hour jog around Tasik Permaisuri. It's a combination of flat and hilly route made up of synthetic and tile tracks. There is an open lake and also lots of tree. Very interesting layout and definately more relaxing compared to the Kampung Pandan's track!

Met a new friend, Vincent Tiong, who has just joined PACM last Sunday. I think this guy can really run as he used to represent his bank. Welcome to the family of PACM, Vincent. Hope to see you more often in the running circuits.

I was recruited by Kelvin Ng for the coming 3km x 4 relay run. I'm flattered to be able to represent his Permaisuri Team. I hope I won't fail them.

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