Friday, June 10, 2005

3KM Relay Run

My next target will be the 3km x 4 relay run on the 19th June 2005. I will represent Cheras Permaisuri Team this year. As I was put in a very strong team, I have no choice but to give it my best shot in order not to disappoint my teammates.

I recalled two years ago how I lost steam upon entering the stadium. The lactic acid was so bad that my last 200m seemed like a 2km. After the run, I could see stars and the surrounding was white. I had to bent on my knee at the side of the track for a good 10-20 minutes. Yeah! It was that bad! I hope the history will not repeat itself this time around.

That's why I need to focus on my short sprint these 2 weeks even though my tendon is still not fully recover.

Yesterday, I did 1.3km twice at KLCC track with a time of 5'10" and 5'05". Today, I ran in the swimming pool for 12 minutes. I wish the effort will pay off.

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