Thursday, June 30, 2005


Yesterday I had my longest run since the last 2 weeks - a 30-minute jog on the football pitch at Kampung Pandan track. I was so glad to jog with the usual gang like Ronnie, Adam, Danny and Justin while they were warming up for their speed work-out.

My tendon didn't hurt much after the run. What a relief! I started to have this crazy idea to participate in this Sunday's Ipoh Half Marathon.

After that I just stayed back to watch those guys suffering from suffocating in their work-out!


PM29 said...

John no worries you will be back in action in no time but pls avoid the Ipoh run this weekend I have faith in you cos you are a competence runner. But the way is it possible for me to tumpang your car to Ipoh?

Petalingrunner said...

Good Going John, I'm going slowly too. Wishing you a quick recovery..

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. It is tempting to do more when the injury seems to have healed. Suggest do step by step and slowly increase mileage and intensity over a long period.