Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good Bye, Running!

Last Sunday, after the long run to Hartamas, I suddenly felt a sharp pain near my right heel. I could feel the discomfort even as I walked. Obviously, my worst enemy - achilles tendon injury has come back and this time, it attacked my right leg. Now, I have both legs with the same injury!

I recalled when I first met this enemy of mine, I had to lay off for almost one year before I could start jogging. I hope it will not take that long this time.

For the moment, I can kiss goodbye to 3km x 4 relay, Ipoh and Seremban Half Marathons. What a shame!


Penguin 2 said...

Hi! John,

Take good care of your legs.

You will definitely recover very fast and come back to run again.

.............From : Penguin 2

Carboman said...

Get well soon! You must have overcompensated your running form on your good leg and caused it to be overstressed - hence the injury on your good leg. Anyway, look on the bright side. After recovering from your previous injury, you went faster and faster. So after you recover from this you'll be super fast!

pm19 said...

I'm really sorry to read about your injury. Hope you get well soon. Looking forward to seeing you overtake me on the roads.

P11 said...

Hi John,

Very sorry & sad to hear about your repeated injury. Hope you will recovery soon.

Don't worry too much, with your strong charater, I certainly sure that you will be fine.

See U! my friend.

John said...

Thank you all for your kind words. They are certainly very encouraging during this "down" moment.

Once again, thank you.

krunner said...

That is too bad.
Rest well and I hope to see you running again in the future.

sofiantriathlete said...

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Tey said...


Sorry late to visit u site..hope u will recover soon,always don pia over...! Anything need my help ??

See shen shi in seapark ??


Anonymous said...

Your leg may not able to run but you still have your "propeller" to push you further and may over take some runners, do not worry and sorry or feeling ashame. You are a competence runner and soon in no time you can use your leg again.

tank said...

get well soon!

petalingrunner said...

Take care man! We PM's will be waiting for you to comeback!

ajeep said...

chin up! i think it's time for u to get a bike. x-training man!! well, maybe not a bike, coz biking may stress ur tendons anyway. go swimming! rest well, my friend.